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5 Reasons to invite your friends to Connect

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Connect is innovative Connect is offering something different. Perhaps you’ve got quite a few friends who are on the fence about life issues, or friends who haven’t really thought things through. Maybe you’ve even invited them to a pro-life talk or two - maybe one that’s happening on your campus. But too often, these talks are pitched at a pro-life audience and they assume WAY too much. The result, your friend walks away without really getting to the heart of the matter. But that’s where Connect is different. We’re creating an event that is catered specifically for those friends. We’re going back to the pro-life essentials and our workshops and activities will take us through what is really means to be pro-life. So, send your friends to Connect and next thing you know, they’ll be inviting you to the next pro-life talk in town!

Connect is your chance to share something important When you care about pro-life issues, it’s only natural to want to share this with others. We know that pro-life work is incredibly important. It is saving lives and helping people to defend the most vulnerable in society - a great message, right? We all want to share what really matters to us with those we are close to. Connect offers the chance to invite your friends to understand more why you really care about being pro-life. You know that this is too important an issue to stand by without saying anything. Share the love and invite your friends to Connect today! Do you want to help spread the value of life?

Help to change the culture one person at a time Sometimes it can be hard to be publically pro-life when the rest of the culture seems to be saying that you are bad for caring about the defenceless. Sometimes you just wish the culture would change and everyone join the loving-life revolution. Well, change happens one person at a time. Change happens because people like you and me reach out to friends who disagree, to friends who are undecided, and we show them why we care. Each of us has a part to play in the pro-life movement. Today, that part can be inviting a friend (or five) to Connect. We’ll be so happy to see them there!

We’re equipped to deal with the tough questions! It can be tough when you’re in the pub and you’re trying to defend your prolife position to a group of friends. Questions are coming from every side and they’re getting more complicated as the evening goes on! You don’t feel equipped for this. Well, Connect can help you there! Our team of great speakers have years of experience with talking about pro-life issues so if someone has a question, they’ll have an answer! Invite your inquisitive friends to Connect and hopefully next time they’ll be helping you out in the pub. No more awkward conversations as you try to explain the embryo in the burning building question - we’ve got that covered!

You love what it means to be pro-life Ultimately, you want to invite your friends to Connect because you care. You love being part of a movement that values life and you love the friends that you’ve made along the way. Life and the Alliance of Pro-Life Students work hard day in, day out to spread the pro-life message in what we say and do. We know you share our enthusiasm for life so today, share in our mission and invite your friends to Connect. Together we will make a difference. Let’s go!

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