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Bookings are open for #Connect2019!

We're excited to announce that bookings are open for Connect 2019!

Book NOW and grab your Early Bird rate.

Here's what you can expect from Connect 2019!

And here's what people are saying about Connect!

“One of the best weekends of the year”
“I am so glad I made the time to come to this conference it was well worth it.”
“My friend who I invited was so happy she came!”
“I enjoyed meeting new, like-minded people”
“A very big thank you all”
“Brilliant speakers and people”
“It was very well organised and helpful”
The conference helped me “to be more thought through on the issue of abortion”
Got “a better idea of the whole movement”
“Connect Conference is an awesome way to debate and delve into some really knotty issues, while also making and meeting lots of friends! I would recommend it to anyone, particularly those who aren’t sure what to think about the whole pro-life/pro-choice debate: come armed with your most difficult question, and learn why abortion is one of the most important issues facing contemporary society.”
“I found the Connect Conference to be engaging, informative and fun. It's great if you are pro-life and want to learn more, or if you're on the fence and want to make up your mind. I would definitely recommend - you'll make friends and educate yourself along the way.”

Don't miss out ... book NOW and grab your Early Bird rate!

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APS is run by students and recent graduates for students. Our unique mission is to build university pro-life communities in England, Scotland and Wales that have a lasting and profound respect for human life from fertilisation to natural death. We do this by building, supporting and connecting student pro-life societies.

Life's mission is to create a just society which has the utmost respect for all human life from fertilisation. Life believes that opposition to abortion has to go hand-in-hand with the provision of alternatives.