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Announcing the Connect conference programme!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

We are SO excited to share with you the programme for Connect: The Pro-Life Essentials!


Arrivals & Registration (from 10am)

Welcome & Introductions

Respect Human Rights: The Key to a Flourishing Society (Liz Parsons)

An inspiring look at the dignity of every human being, setting the scene for many of the issues and essentials we’ll address throughout the weekend.

Abortion and Pro-Life: The Basics (Madeline Page)

A step-by-step look at one of the most controversial issues of our time. Exploring what abortion is, what our law says, and the moral case against it.


Answering Pro-Choice Questions (Presenter TBC)

An engaging workshop to build on the previous session and give you the tools to answer common arguments for abortion.

Tea & Coffee

Designer Babies: Science Fiction or Science Fact? (Presenter TBC)

Are we already living in the world of Black Mirror, The Island, or Gattaca? A look at new scientific methods and how they are changing our view of human life.

Rest, Dinner & Social



Euthanasia: Finding True Compassion (Presenter TBC)

A workshop covering the topics of euthanasia, autonomy, and lapses in compassion. What is truly the best way to treat the disabled, elderly, and vulnerable?

Tea & Coffee

Life in a Flash (James Tranter)

Tying it all together … discover the ten key principles that you’d be hard-pressed to disagree with, that form the foundation of the pro-life point of view and a just, progressive society.


Can of Worms (Margaret Akers)

Burning questions? Curveballs? Think you can stump us? This is your chance to ask a panel of your peers the tough pro-life questions.

Opportunity to Act (Madeline Page and James Tranter)

Recapping everything we’ve looked at, we’ll finish by giving you exclusive opportunities to get involved in the work of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, Life, and the wider pro-life movement.


It is incredible to see spaces already being booked. The only way to guarantee your place is to book now at

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APS is run by students and recent graduates for students. Our unique mission is to build university pro-life communities in England, Scotland and Wales that have a lasting and profound respect for human life from fertilisation to natural death. We do this by building, supporting and connecting student pro-life societies.

Life's mission is to create a just society which has the utmost respect for all human life from fertilisation. Life believes that opposition to abortion has to go hand-in-hand with the provision of alternatives.