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How to have a constructive pro-life conversation Tip #3: Love!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We’re looking at how to have a constructive pro-life conversation: listen, learn, and our third and final tip here, love.

In listen, we learned that having a constructive pro-life conversation means being gracious and compassionate enough to ask questions of the other person - with the intent to genuinely understand their thoughts and feelings.

In learn, we looked at how we need to have a good grasp of the pro-life essentials - exactly what we’ll be taking you through in Connect: The Pro-Life Essentials - in a step-by-step, compassionate way.

So what about love?

Have you ever been in a conversation where you realised that you intellectually wrestled somebody, and never actually thought of them as a person?

Have you ever caught yourself treating the other person in a conversation like an opponent instead of an actual human person - a person to relate to, or even to make friends with?

Have you ever been dismayed at how angry, negative, and condemning people of other views can be?

We can relate.

Really, it’s easy to pummel someone intellectually. We send out “Thug Life” videos when someone “owns”, “wrecks”, or “destroys” someone in a debate. Sure, it can be nice to watch - but that’s for debates. We’re looking at conversations. Conversations are about relationships. They could be with family, friends, or people who are hurting … people who need compassion, not arguments. Destroying someone makes for a good social media video, but love seeks to raise someone up.

On the Connect: The Pro-Life Essentials welcome page, we say, “Are you ready to join the life-loving revolution?” The pro-life message is a message of love. In fact, the pro-life message doesn’t make sense without love, and actively willing the good of another. It’s what binds the entire pro-life message together. The pro-life movement is a pro-love movement.

Intrigued? We’ll show you exactly how. But it makes sense that, once we’ve listened and learned, we need to hold conversations in love if we really want to have a productive pro-life conversation.

So …

Listen with the intent to understand.

Learn the fundamentals and principles.

Love sincerely everybody affected by the issues.

We can't wait for you to join the conversation!

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