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How to have a constructive pro-life conversation Tip #2: Learn

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

We looked at how to have a pro-life conversation in our last blog, and the first step is to listen.

Pro-life issues can be controversial, emotional, and personal to many people. But as a society, we have to build bridges about controversial subjects, because these subjects - abortion, euthanasia, and reproductive technologies - are so very important.

When we listen, we lay the foundation for a gracious and constructive conversation about these topics.

So here’s another tip: Learn.

Have you ever been in a conversation where you realise, after a little while, that you have no idea what you’re saying?

Have you ever felt out of your depth in a conversation, even about a topic you feel deeply and passionately about?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you were somehow not able to articulate your feelings in a way that does justice to how you feel - never mind how well it convinces somebody else?

I have too. And it’s a horrible feeling.

At Connect: The Pro-Life Essentials, we’re drawing together a step-by-step programme to take you through the principles and essentials of the pro-life point of view, including:

  • Universal principles of culture, reason, ethics, and justice that help us compassionately approach the issues

  • What the law says about abortion, euthanasia, and reproductive technologies (we guarantee a few surprises along the way!)

  • Incredible statistics and facts - including some common myths busted!

  • Some surprising facts about the pro-life movement

I’ve volunteered in the pro-life movement for over three years, and I am astounded at how in-depth the issues can get. I’m constantly learning something new.

Don’t worry, we’ll be giving you the fundamentals in a step-by-step way to help you grasp the foundations of the pro-life point of view. Nothing overwhelming. All the presenters have been there before, so we know exactly how to help introduce you the pro-life point of view.

Tip number 2: Learn the fundamentals and principles.

Want to find out more?

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