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What is Connect, and why are we organising it??

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

James gives us a rundown of Connect - it's going to be unmissable!

Connect is … for YOU

YOU are the reason we’re organising Connect. We’re putting on the event we would have wanted to welcome us into the pro-life movement and welcome us to the pro-life point of view.

We know what it’s like, because we’ve been there too. Maybe you aren’t sure where you stand on pro-life issues like abortion, euthanasia, and reproductive technology. Maybe you have strong feelings on the issues, but aren’t sure exactly why you feel that way, or what you can do about the issues. Or maybe you are taking positive and caring action about these issues, but still feel you want to know more, or recap on the basics.

We’re making something specifically for you because we know what it’s like. Connect is welcoming event for all attendees, no matter your thoughts, opinions, or feelings on pro-life issues - pro-life, pro-choice, or undecided.

Connect is … by young people for young people

Connect is specifically designed and organised by young people for young people. All the presenters are young, dynamic, and engaging. We’re looking forward to saying hi to you and learning more about you!

Connect is … the pro-life essentials

We’re designing a programme of presentations and engaging workshops to help you and your fellow attendees get to grips with the pro-life essentials. All of this material is being specifically made for you and for this conference. The programme will include:

  • Universal principles of culture, reason, ethics, and justice that help us compassionately understand pro-life issues from a non-religious perspective

  • The fundamentals of abortion, euthanasia, and reproductive technology: what they are, what the law says, and the pro-life view on them

  • Plenty of opportunities to ask all those burning questions - no matter how tough or curveball, we’ll answer them for you.

Connect is … social, comfy, and fun

Connect is about having a good time, with loads of chance to build friendships with your fellow attendees. And we have a cracking social planned for the Saturday night for you as well. The pro-life movement is like a big friendship circle, so this is your invitation to come and get to know us personally.

Your overnight ticket also gives you accommodation and delicious meals prepared on-site. We want to make sure you’re comfortable so you can have a really good time.

We’ve also selected a central UK location in Birmingham, with good transport links, over the weekend, so it’s as easy as possible for you to get here.

Connect is … cheaper (for a little while)!

We have early bird tickets for you at just £30 for overnight accommodation. But don’t delay - the early bird offer ends on 2 October!

Here are the details again:

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 2019

Arrive for 10am on the Saturday, leaving from 4pm on the Sunday

Maryvale Institute, Birmingham

What are you waiting for??

Book now!

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