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You are not alone in this...

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Did you like that Mumford and Sons song too? It has a pro-life ring to it doesn’t it?

Being pro-life, or being sceptical about the status quo that says abortion is a human right, or that it is compassionate to allow people to end their lives can sometimes leave you feeling a bit alienated from your peers.

I can remember sitting in the common room at college when I was doing my A-Levels: it was me versus 6 boys. We were arguing about abortion.

One of them said that if he got a girl pregnant, he would make her have an abortion. The others agreed. I was really horrified to hear him say this - there was no sense of support for the girl and his child, there was no consideration about where she stood, it was simply a case of ‘I don’t want this, so she’s not having it.’ I remember really shouting at him. So much for choice. So much for being there for women. His whole attitude just struck me as completely wrong. And not only did he think this, but the rest of the common room seemed to be agreeing with him.

My mind was reeling.

I knew most of my friends did not completely share my pro-life views but I didn’t think that they would agree with his self-centred words. That day stuck with me for a long time...and it stuck with some others. A couple of months later, one of the other boys in my class who had been in the common room arguing against me sent me a message on Facebook. ‘Jo,’ he said, ‘I’ve been thinking about what you said that day to Sam, and I think you’re right.’

Wow. I was not alone.

That was a powerful moment for me as I realised that some of my friends did care. When I went to university, I discovered so many more people who were critical of our so-called ‘progressive’ society that deems disabled children in the womb as less valuable than able bodied children since they can be aborted up to birth; that looked on in horror at a parliament that would not ban terminations based on the gender of the child in the womb; who put time and effort into volunteering to accompany the elderly through difficult times. I was not alone.

Talking with these people about life issues, having my ideas questioned and being called upon to live up to my ideals was a real challenge. But the more I did it, the more I was encouraged by what it meant to really value the dignity of every human life from the moment of conception to natural death. I loved it so much in fact that I decided to work for a pro-life organisation when I left university! I know I am not alone. I work alongside incredible people who are committed every day to supporting life and I get to hear amazing stories about the lives that have been changed through our work.

Every so often I think of that guy in my class. I hope he changed his mind. I hope he joins those swimming against the stream to fight for life. A little while ago a Gallup poll was published stating that as many Americans now say they are pro-life as pro-choice. Our numbers are growing and I am so glad to have met so many inspirational people in this movement who love life. Care to join in?

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